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John Abele - Explorer, Boston Scientific

John describes his family's search for his father's submarine which was mysteriously lost in World War II.

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Dean Kamen - FIRST, Inventor, DEKA

Dean founded an organization to change the country's culture to respect science, technology and math. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is rapidly taking hold of students imagination. Dean explains how it works.

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Dave Gallo - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Most of the earth's undersea surface is unexplored. Dave shows how WHOI is using sophisticated robots to explore this uncharted world.

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Chuck Hoberman - Inventor

Chuck has the amazing ability of taking everyday objects and re-conceiving them so they fold up in unique ways.  He reinvents the wheel, the box and even the presentation screen itself.

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Howard Morgan - Idealab

The folks at Idealab have figured out a way to cheaply print 3-dimensional objects. Howard shows how this breakthrough works and will change the world.

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Neil Gershenfeld - MIT

While running MIT's Center for Bits & Atoms, Neil realized that fabricating things has become cheaper and easier. Neil talks about the FabLab project that distributes sophisticated fabrication machinery to the technology underserved.

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Majora Carter - Sustainable South Bronx

Developing the South Bronx is a lot more than building affordable housing. Majora has installed one of Neil's FabLabs. She looks holistically at the problems of sustainability and has a keen focus on environmental as well as educational issues.

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Yossi Vardi

A semi-serious yet hilarious tour de force of Power Point and data slides prove that high-speed data lines can't keep up with Yossi's diligent data carrying pigeons and snails.

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Red Whitaker - Carnegie Mellon, Roboticist

Renown leader of CMU's famed robotics labs, Red talks about real robot vehicles and their uses. He explains how Sandstorm  and Highlander worked in the last DARPA Challenge. He shows how hard the new DARPA Urban Challenge is going to be.

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Phil Torrone - MAKE Magazine

MAKE Magazine is an homage to the build-it-yourself mags of old but with a 21st century focus.The projects are well though out and easy to build. PT views the cultural benefits of learning to experiment far out-weighs today's perceived liabilities.

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Limor Fried - Adafruit, Eyebeam, Maker

Did you ever want to jam a cell phone? Have the spokes of your bicycle display Pacman figures (electronically)? Limor presents some of the brilliant electronics kits that she has conceived in the spirit of MAKE Magazine.


Granger Whitelaw - Rocket Racing League

Racing cars is a fast and dangerous sport. Granger and the Rocket Racing League are dramatically one-upping the sport by using rocket powered planes to race through the air.

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Jamie Smirnoff - Simulscribe

Wouldn't it be great if you can see all of your voicemails as email? Jamie and the folks at Simulscribe thought so as well. Hear Jamie describe the launch of his new company.

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Andrew Rasiej - Personal Democracy Forum

What would happen if all of the WiFi in the world was free and open? Andrew discusses his project that allows people who share their own WiFi to, in turn, share others.


Ron Patrick - Jet Powered Beetle

Ron is a master craftsman who simply likes to add jet engines to small vehicles. This, no doubt, is the fastest bug on earth.

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Tom Robins - Balloonist

It is the rare man who lands his hot air balloon in New York's Central Park and walks away to tell the story.  Tom is such a man with such a story.

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Bill Smith - Launch 5

Launch 5 is a police boat with a fascinating history. Bill tells the story of the vessel from its years of service to its demise and resurrection.

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Roei Deutch - Zlango, Gadgetim

A very young, serial entrepreneur, Roei shows his Zlango pictogram messaging software that allows people of diverse languages and cultures to communicate.

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