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Gadgetoff 2007

A brief video of some of the things that make Gadgetoff unique.

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Tony Tether - Director of DARPA

Tony describes various DARPA projects and highlights the life-changing application of using mind control with advanced artificial limbs.

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Siddharth Chhatpar - Think-A-Move

Sid explains the use of ear-canal based speech recognition and tongue-based speech recognition technology to control robots and other equipment in challenging environments like battlefields and hospitals. 

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Adam Bly - Seed Media

Adam introduces a number of interesting videos that detail the latest advancements in the understanding of the brain.

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Marvin Minsky - MIT, Artificial Intelligence

Marvin touches on topics ranging from backing up the human brain to the gadgets in his pocket to his latest theory of Artificial Intelligence.

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Brian Scasselati - Yale, Human/Robot Interaction

Brian explains his research involving humans and robots and the philosophical and learning implications that emerge from their interactions.

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Jessica Banks - MIT, Human Perception

People think that they perceive reality just as it is. Jessica shows that this isn't always the case and she shows how your brain makes things up.

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Jay Cohen - Undersecretary Homeland Security Science & Technology

Rear Admiral Jay Cohen talks about the courage needed for innovation. He demonstrates (making us all a little sick) the "Dazzler" - a prototype of non-lethal force.

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Steve Silverman - Advanced Scientific Concepts

Cameras take pictures of light, so what makes Steve's cameras so special? His cameras are so fast they can actually photograph light moving over objects. He can even construct 3D images from a single point.

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Peter Menzel - Photography

Peter takes us on a photographic tour of the world and a look at what various families eat each day. He also goes on a side trip looking for and sampling yummy, tasty insects.

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Gary Settles - Penn State

Gary takes the most remarkable Schlieren photographs and movies in the world. He uses his refined techniques to understand everything from how a dog's nose sniffs to airplane shockwaves to terrorist's explosives.

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Paul Holman A.K.A. Pablos The Hacker

Is it safe? Not if Pablos is around! Pablos shows how easy it is, with the right hardware, software and skills, to crack WiFi.

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Juan Enriquez - Biotechonomy

Juan runs through new bio-technology like searching exhalations for DNA signatures of illness, operating on organs outside of the body and programmable cells to solve the worlds energy needs.

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Red Whittaker - CMU, Urban Challenge

The father of vehicular robotics explains the DARPA Urban Challenge, how to crawl through caves and what his robot for exploring the moon might look like.

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Aaron Edsinger - Meka Robotics, Hee3

Aaron shows how his love of making art-robots led him to his greatest creation - Domo, a humanoid robot that adapts to objects and naturally interacts.

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John Mahoney - Popular Science

John shows the latest gadgets from Popular Science magazine like build-your-own brewery, video projector, game table and WiFi in a light fixture.

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Yossi Vardi - Center for Local Warming

Perhaps local warming is the root cause of global warming, perhaps not. Yossi goes on a quest to stop this pernicious ill that is affecting our society, and our, um, er, manly bits.

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Stacey Artandi - SheZoom

Stacey introduces SheZoom, her website for women by showing various inventions by women over the years and how men and women perceive technology differently.

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Robert Sabuda & Matthew Reinhart

Sabuda & Reinhart make gorgeous and intelligent popup books that seem to defy the laws of physics. They talk about the low-tech approach they use to get their stunning results.

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Chuck Hoberman

Nothing in Chuck's world is at is seems - everything he designs, from spheres to toys to architecture to sculpture transforms in beautiful and stunning ways.

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Saul Griffith & Colin Bulthaup - Squid Labs, Potenco

Polymath and recent MacArthur Fellow Saul Griffith takes us on a wild high speed canoe ride, shows self replicating DNA-like building blocks and the improper way to protect yourself from a 125 mph shot-put on the end of a piece of string.

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Shay David - Kaltura

Shay introduces Kaltura - an exciting new online, open source, collaborative, creative site for editing video.

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Dan Nachbar - Skyacht Aircraft

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a Skyacht! Dan creates the ultimate personal aircraft - a highly maneuverable hot air balloon with a shape like a blimp.

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Windell Oskay - CandyFab 4000

Windell has a sweet tooth, and more impressively, a sweet CNC homebuilt candy maker. The CandyFab 4000 uses a heat gun, motorized jack and pounds of sugar to create everything from detailed geometric shapes to a 12 pound chain.

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Howard Morgan - Idealab

Idealab has been busy thinking up new products and cofounder Howard Morgan shows us the new Aptera Motors 3 wheel car, steered mirrors helping generate solar power and the Desktop Factory inexpensive 3d printer.

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Luke Williams - Frog Design

Interfaces have become non-intuitive and Luke shows a completely different way to create a fast, easy to understand paradigm for watching television.

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Stephen Tomlin - Chumby

The Chumby is one of the coolest little gadgets we've seen in a while and Steve shows just a few of the features of this soft, huggable, wireless Flash player with a touch screen and audio.

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Jeff Han - Perceptive Pixel

People can't get their hands off of Jeff Han, or to be more precise, his fascinating, large, multi-touch screen that changes the way people interact with computers.

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Colin Angle & Helen Greiner - iRobot

Colin and Helen, founders of iRobot, show their latest creations - a remote control surveillance robot and a rain gutter cleaner.

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Natalie Jerimijenko - Environmental Health Clinic

Natalie Jerimijenko, a prominent experimental visual artist, talks about her latest project - The Environmental Health Clinic.

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Josh Klein - Crow Vending Machine

Change is for the birds. Josh takes this idea literally and trains crows to collect coins. Don't laugh just yet, over $200 million in coins are lost each year in America alone. Okay, laugh yourself silly all the way to the bank.

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Guy Vardi - Dangerous Clock Smuggler

Sometimes the coolest creations don't make it to Gadgetoff for various reasons. Guy explains what US Customs does to protect the country from his Bicycle Clock.

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Barb Stuckey - Mattson

Barb explains how the process of tasting food involves all 5 senses. She has the audience pinch their noses to vividly demonstrate her point.

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John Abele

John and his brothers embarked on a quest to find their father's lost submarine from World War II. After a huge amount of research and searching the ocean floor, John shows what he found.

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Rick Smolan

Rick talks about his new project to document a single day all around the world using a hundred professional photographers.

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Paul Steinhardt - Princeton

Did the universe emerge from a big bang or from a cyclic collision of two parallel universes? Paul hints that the later is more likely in his rapid summation of cosmic theories.

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Will Wright - Electronic Arts/Maxis

Will Wright, creator of the Sims, demonstrates his most ambitious video game ever - Spore - a massive multiplayer game using a cross between intelligent-design and evolution to dominate the universe.

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Aubrey de Grey - Methuselah Foundation

Growing old is something that Aubrey is trying to do away with. He touches on the philosophical and cultural impediments to focusing on and halting aging.

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Marc Hodosh - Genomics XPrize

The Genomics XPrize's quest to quickly and cost effectively sequence individual human's genomes will have a profound impact on the future of healthcare and longevity.

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Martin Eberhard - Tesla Motors

Creating a new, high-speed electric car requires breaking a few eggs, actually, a few cars. Martin explains the testing required for building his amazing driving machines.

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Joy Hirsch - Columbia University

Joy Hirsch, a leading FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) researcher, takes a look into Dan Dubno's brain to see what it looks like when he thinks about Gadgetoff.

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Sandy Pentland - Legatum Foundation

Sandy and the Legatum Foundation, using the MIT network, are venturing (or venture capitaling) into difficult third world markets and they are finding good technology to locally invest in.

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Phil Torrone - Make Magazine, Adafruit Laser

Phil talks about the success of their laser-etching business that he and Limor started at last year's Gadgetoff.

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Limor Fried - Adafruit

Limor is the master of "Design Noir" - What people really want out of technology. She shows her open source RF Jammer - Wave Bubble and a high powered device for turning all televisions off up to 100' away.

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Michael Winter - Stupid Fun Club

Michael takes on a tour de force of the intensely creative world of human/machine/machine interaction done by himself and his business partner Will Wright. Don't miss the robot that has fallen and can't get up.

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James Powderly & Evan Roth - Graffiti Research Labs

What happens when you take a high-powered projector, a laser, a camera, a computer and a bicycle and add them together? You get "LaserTag", a neat way of projecting graffiti onto walls
James also explains "Fameo" - grades for an internet design course based on internet popularity.

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Special thanks to WarrenZ Productions - Steve Zink & Joe Williams for all of their work editing the videos and to Caffeine Media - Morgan Driscoll for making everything happen.

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