Gadgetoff originated in 2002 when Mike Dubno arranged a meeting between “Digital” Dan Dubno and Greg Harper. Dan and Greg had known about each other for years and both came to the meeting well prepared. Here is how the conversation went -

A: “Have you seen this?” (a small electronic device slid effortlessly out of a pocket and onto the table)
B: “Oh, you mean this.” (an identical unit appears magically)
     This continued until 15 pounds of electronics of all shapes and sizes is heaped on the table
A: “Well, I know you haven't seen this—it is the only one in North America!” (a shiny object is proffered)
B: “Except for this one!” (identical!, a brief flash of pain crossed A’s face)
A: “Ok, ok, but I know this one is totally unique—nobody else has this one yet!”
     The last object was emptied onto the table, a look of triumph on A’s face
B: “Is that the color version?” (the color version appeared, A is stunned)

We still debate to this day who was A and B at the first dinner, but what is important is how Gadgetoff has grown from that serendipitous moment with little gadgets into the broad, intellectually stimulating experience it has become.

“Digital” Dan Dubno
“Digital Dan” Dubno is an Emmy award-winning broadcaster, technologist, consultant, producer, and “connector”.  After 30 years in broadcasting (17 at CBS News), Dan recently created his own technology intelligence company - "Blowing Things Up, LLC."

Michael Dubno
Michael is a former partner and CTO of Goldman Sachs. In his pre Wall Street days he authored a top-selling video game and worked in robotics. In addition to Gadgetoff he dabbles in artificial intelligence.

Greg Harper
Greg is the Senior Strategic Advisor to the Chairman for Trans World Entertainment. He has been a television producer, technology consultant and all around gadget lover since he was born.

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