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Gadgetoff 2009 is Completely Booked!

When: September 25th, 2009

Where: New York City

Who: Gadgetoff is an invitation only participatory event. Space is limited and the invitation is only intended for the person who received it. If you cannot attend and wish to send someone else in your place please contact us so we can discuss the change. We also need to know in advance if you would like to bring support people or guests.

Price: Gadgetoff is a difficult event to create, all the people who come contribute in some way - some folks exhibit things, some make presentations, some give to the goody bag and others volunteer their time. Larger exhibits take quite a bit of effort to transport and set up. We try hard to keep expenses down but food, venues, transportation, equipment and insurance still cost money. We also do not run this for profit but for the love of the community we support.  With that in mind we have set the cost of Gadgetoff this year at $650.  We hope people who can contribute more will do so and folks who cannot afford the price will contact us so we can arrange scholarship (no embarrassment).

Sponsorship: Even with the current entry price we still need sponsors in order to break even and to provide a good experience.  Our participants are the folks who will make and change the future. Sponsorship is a unique opportunity to reach some of the world's most innovative people, billionaires, inventors, scientists, captains of industry.

Goody Bags: Our goody bags have become legendary - their value has exceeded our requested donations! If you have 300 of something amazing to add please let us know.

Questions: If you have any questions or are interested in sponsorship or the goody bags, please contact-  "dawn at gadgetoff dot com".


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