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What Participants are Saying...

"A little feedback.... Undersecretary Cohen LOVED Gadgetoff!"
- Dan Dayton, Department of Homeland Security

"A belated but heartfelt thank you for a truly extraordinary day at Gadgetoff. Really nice people, fascinating inventions and projects. Great presentations and stimulating discussion. What could be better."
- Sandy Climan, EM Ventures

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in Gadgetoff 2007, which I believe turned out to be a fun, interesting, professionally managed, and well-attended event. I think that you have created a very worthwhile forum and platform for growth and development, and should feel very proud of the accomplishment."
- Richard Lipkin, Strang Cancer Prevention Center

"Gadgetoff was fantastic! Wow, what a great group of people, inventions, site…. everything."
- Michael Winter, Stupid Fun Club

"AWESOME event ---- AWESOME gift bag!!!!!"
- Granger Whitelaw, Rocket Racing League

"Thanks for providing such a great environment for interaction and generally goofing off."
- Steve Silverman, Advanced Scientific Concepts

"Thanks for yet another awesome gadgetoff!"
- Nick Thompson, Wired Magazine

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANKS! for Gadgetoff this year. Thanks for having me and thanks for doing it in general. It was an exceptionally good day and my hats off to you for creating an atmosphere like that."
- Astro Teller, Body Media

"Thanks for a fantastic gadgetoff! It’s a rare event that makes it feel worthwhile to drive to NYC and back in a single day."
- Doug Field, Segway

"Just a quick note of thanks and congratulations. I was genuinely disappointed I couldn’t stay til the end, but I stretched it to 3:30 so got a taste of the presentations. Regardless, met some very cool people and really enjoyed it, so I appreciate it!"
- Jay Lauf, Publisher - Wired Magazine

"It was a wonderful day, Although I intended to leave early I could not drag myself away."
- Natalie Jerimijenko

"I am just sat at the airport awaiting my overnight flight back the the UK and reflecting on the last two days and all I keep thinking is wow!!!!"
- Gary Shainberg, BT

"This was absolutely terrific!!! It became a great and major event !! The people you were able to gather were incredible"
- Yossi Vardi

"Thanks again for a wonderful event. Looking forward to next year already!"
- Shay David, Kaltura



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