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7:30 am Registration and Boarding Pier 78
8:00 am sharp Boat departs for Staten Island Ferry Boat
9:15 am Presentations Snug Harbor
12:30 pm Lunch  
2:00 pm Indoor and Outdoor Exhibits  
4:15 pm Afternoon Presentations  
6:15 pm Dinner  
8:00 pm GadgetBag Distribution and Boarding Snug Harbor Pier
8:20 pm Boat departs for Manhattan Ferry Boat


Pier 78 - West 38th Street & West Street (aka 12th Avenue, aka West Side Highway)

Snug Harbor - 1000 Richmond Terrace - Staten Island, NY 10301


Alternate Travel Instructions:

If you can't take our private ferry, or you miss the boat, there are a number of ways to get to Snug Harbor.  The Staten Island Ferry is the easiest way to get there.  The ferry leaves from the southernmost tip of Manhattan at the Whitehall Terminal (South Ferry).  The ferry is free and we will have a shuttle available to take people to Snug Harbor.  Please call Emily at 914.960.1455 to arrange a pick-up.

Staten Island is accessible by car or taxi.  The closest major airport is Newark.

Contact Information:

Transportation Coordinator - Emily @ 914.960.1455

Hotels & Event Logistics - Joe @ o:914.674.0064, c:817.932.3202

Presentation Coordinator -  Dawn @ 917.620.1675

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